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Decorative wooden board

Decorative wooden board

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Do you have an old cutting board that you don’t use? Or maybe a wooden tray? Then you can transform it to a beautiful decoration in your home with our Transfer Medium! You can make a beautiful print, like we have shown here, a great quote, or something completely different that you can transfer to the wooden surface, to give it a whole new look.

What you need

  • Schjerning Transfer Medium
  • A print of a drawing from a laser printer
  • A flat brush
  • A cloth
  • A wooden board



1. Apply the Transfer Medium with a brush to the board

2. Place the print front down on the applied medium

3. Press it gently onto it with a cloth

4. Let it dry completely

5. Carefully rub the paper off with a moist cloth



A white membrane will gather on top of the pattern when it is dry that cannot be rubbed off. Apply a thin layer of Transfer Medium to create a nice and clear surface.


Only for decorative use