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Environmentally friendly production in Denmark

At Schjerning Farver do we care about sustainability. We are proud that our products are being manufactured in Denmark and we feel an obligation when it comes to the climate, the environment, the users, and the employees. An obligation that every day we do our best to live up to.


Schjerning Farver has its headquarters in Ebeltoft and is an innovative and specialised order producing company, that develop and produces environmentally friendly hobby and school paints.

Our values are flexibility, responsibility, trust, and curiosity. We celebrate the inspiring and innovative and understands that curiosity is a condition for development.


We are at Schjerning Farver flexible and concentrate on manufacture and deliver quality on time, for our customers in Denmark and on the export market.

We have our own laboratory and mix the paint ourselves, so we can guarantee the ingredients and a uniform high quality.


Schjerning Farver has since 1998 been ISO 14001 certificated and has as the first manufacturer gotten a school/hobby paint certified with the Nordic eco-label. Djursland Erhvervsråd awarded in 2014 the company with a business of the year award partially because the company has been able to take the competition to an international scale with a standpoint in producing sustainable products.


Long tradition for quality

Schjerning Farver has roots back to 1886. Emil Schjerning traded back then with paint but was not satisfied with the quality. He started therefore mixing the paints himself, that could live up to his high demands.


Emil Schjerning was a front figure when it came to quality. His great-grandchild, Birger Schjerning, was also a pioneer in 1993, when he decided to develop quality paint without solvents. We are still pioneering when it comes to optimising the production and the delivery and developing the quality and ensure the environment to the benefit of our customers.