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Schjerning Farver – Sustainability and health

Schjerning Farver combines the best ingredients and state-of-the-art technology, to be able to produce the most sustainable colours for the environment and the health of the users.

We always choose the safest materials and that way exclude or minimize chemicals that have unwanted health or environmental effects.


The A-label and the Nordic eco-label

Almost all our paints got the A-label, which is an independent Danish standard, which sets even higher demands to the ingredients being safe, than the ones stated in the law. Furthermore, three of our paint-lines carries the Nordic Ecolabel, the swan, which raises some demands regarding the packaging, production, and the sustainable certification, besides the comprehensive regulations regarding chemicals.

The paint lines with the Nordic eco-label: Greenspot Ready MIX, the acrylic paint Greenspot AkrylSatin and the vintage paint Greenspot Vintage.

When choosing a product with the swan label, are you contributing to lessen the environmental impact. At the same time, are you sure that it is amongst some off the most environmentally safest – without having to compromise with the quality.


ISO 14001 certification

Schjerning Farver has had an ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification since 1998. This documents our high standard and ensures a eco-friendly production.

EU's Environmental Award

Schjerning Farver was in 2004 awarded the environmental Product and Services award, for Sustainable Development in the EU. We strive to live up to the award and continuously develop new environmentally friendly hobby paints and glue, that kids and grown-ups can use without problems.